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Werkheiser Jewelers Ltd. was founded by Gary Werkheiser in 1992. We are a full-service independent jewelry store that offers the Lehigh Valley all types of fine & fun jewelry, pearls, diamonds, gems and watches.



What makes us different? Each customer is our friend. We love when you browse. We love when you ask questions. We love to educate our friends on jewelry and diamonds. We love when you stop in to see what’s new. Relax while browsing our cases of unique jewelry. Talk sports with Gary or chat with Doreen. Be prepared for doggie kisses from Miss Mollie and Henry. We would love for you to join our family!


We believe in building lifetime relationships. The relationship of trust between our staff and our clients is our most valued treasure. We are dedicated to providing quality and value in everything we do. Our staff has hand-picked the most diverse and exciting jewelry choices available today, while always striving for the best in quality and style for every budget.


We pride ourselves in our expertise in jewelry repair and restoration. The majority of our repair work is completed in-house and with the utmost care and respect for your jewelry. In addition, we offer custom design services, working directly with our designer every step of the way. Our store provides engraving services, as well as pearl and bead stringing. And, of course, our jewelry cleaning and inspections are always FREE!

Our store offers a large selection of unique and special engagement rings and wedding bands. Many of our styles can be altered or customized to meet your needs. Stop in and view our beautiful collection of rings.



Gary is a Master Silver and Goldsmith, who has been working with precious metals and gems for 34 years. He has completed the GIA diamonds course and is an expert in jewelry repair. He tells great stories and is an avid Yankees fan. Gary is also pet parent to our resident small, yet scrappy Shih-Tzu, Henry.


Doreen brings a wealth of knowledge and industry experience to our store. She is our resident pearl expert, having completed three (3) GIA courses in pearls. Doreen will bring back the life of your pearl necklace or bracelet. A long-time employee, her ability to remember each customer's name (and what jewelry they own) is uncanny! Doreen is also a pet parent to the Werkheiser Jeweler's mascot a Samoyed named Mollie!  Doreen and Mollie reside in The Poconos and make the long commute to the store daily.  She wouldn't have it any other way as she enjoys the solitude of the mountains and the Werkheiser customers.


Kris Franzese is our senior jewelry designer. She is a graduate of The Fashion Institute of New York with a BFA in fine arts majoring in interior design. While studying fine arts, she took a jewelry elective and fell in love with the process of design and making of jewelry. She continued on to complete an intensive one year program in Jewelry Studio. Kris graduated with high honors with 5 pieces selected for the student show.  Kris also continued to take a variety of classes and apprenticed to develop her skills in subjects such as granulation, hand engraving and stone setting.   Kris is an extremely talented and gifted artist with over 25 years of experience in jewelry design and repair. Kris brings her unique and creative style to much of the custom design produced by our store. In her spare time, Kris rehabs old apartment buildings and homes. Kris and her partner, Rick, along with her children live in Bethlehem.  


Holly is the newest addition to the Werkheiser Jewelers family.  After 20 years of the corporate world, she turned her love of jewelry into a new adventure with us! 


Tom Wiggins comes to us from Bixler Jewelers.  Tom is a Graduate Gemologist with over 38 years of experience performing appraisals. He was educated, trained and credentialed by the prestigious Gemological Institute of America (GIA).  In his spare time, Tom enjoys reading, going to Broadway shows and concerts and is an avid Phillies fan.  Originally, he was born and raised in Delaware, but has called the Lehigh Valley home since 1990. Stop in and say hello and ask Tom to take a look at your most prized possessions.  Tom and his wife, Debbie live in Bethlehem.


Mollie is the Werkheiser Jewelers Mascot. She is a full-bred Samoyed, which is a Siberian sled-dog.  She lives in the Poconos with her person Doreen. However, most days you will find her lying by the front door to the Jewelry store. Mollie was born in Coopersburg, PA. When she was just 8 weeks old, she started working in the store.  Now, people come to the store just to say "hello" to Mollie.  A wonderful breed of dog, Mollie is gentle and kind with never a bad word to say about anyone. Stop by today to see Mollie. We guarantee that after spending a few minutes petting her luxurious white coat, you will feel all your troubles melt away.


Henry also is a Werkheiser Jewelers Mascot. Henry is a 7 year old Shih Tzu, born on New Year's Eve. He lives in Bethlehem with his person Gary. When you enter the store and hear a tiny bell jingling, you know Henry is in the house. Not one to be standoffish Henry will come bouncing on to the sales floor to see who just came in to the store and say hello. Henry loves to play fetch and will present you with one of his toys to throw for him. Careful, once you start he won't want you to stop. We keep a watchful eye on Henry. He is known to eat anything that falls on the floor. That includes ring stands, squeakers and other unidentified objects. No one can be in a bad mood with Henry around. He will definitely bring a smile to your face.

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