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Ornamental ironwork in the 18th and 19th centuries reflected the influence of blacksmiths who forged art in the gates, grilles and balconies throughout the country. This delicate filigree design, once forged in iron, represents a legacy that continues through the presence of iron gates in cities and towns across the country and around the globe. It is this Ornamental ironwork that has inspired Southern Gates® Jewelry. Preserved in fine sterling silver jewelry, the Southern Gates® Collection represents a timeless tradition that any woman can wear.

Biltmore Jewelry by Southern Gates® honors the legacy of George Vanderbilt and the extraordinary artisans that helped bring his masterpiece to life. From fine details found in the exterior stonework, to grand wood carvings seen across the ceilings inside the home, these first edition styles are just the beginning of an ever-growing jewelry collection inspired by the elegant and intriguing details of America's Largest Home®.

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