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Werkheiser Jewelers has an array of diamonds and colored gemstones in all shapes and sizes. 

When buying a diamond, it is important to remember the 4 C’s of diamond buying – cut, color, clarity and carat.  There is a fifth C we like to call confusion. Buying a diamond can be a bit confusing especially if it is your first time.  If you are considering buying a diamond from online, you may run the risk of buying a lower quality diamond and don’t have the chance to look at the diamond in person. A laboratory report won’t tell you if the diamond is pretty.  The best way to choose a diamond or any other gemstone is in person.  Only then will you be able to see the sparkle, brilliance and personality of the stone. 

Many times a person will come into the store stating they know exactly what they want and leave with a totally different design.  You need to try a piece on to see how it looks and feels on you and what emotions it elicits. Jewelry will speak to you.  Sometimes it’s a whisper and sometimes it’s a loud clanging bell. Jewelry tells the story of your life.

Looking for an alternative to the diamond engagement ring or a stone to replace the one you lost. Perhaps you want to create your own gemstone ring. We have hundreds of loose gemstones in many different colors, shapes and sizes.

Let the knowledgeable low pressure sales associates at Werkheiser Jewelers help you find the most beautiful diamond or gemstone that fits your vision and price.  We are here to help because To Us You’re Family!

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